NHL: The Game Means Something

For the 2013 Capitals Season, the NHL had a campaign to remind fans what hockey means to the base. This was the piece I took and made it Capitals Centric. Great to have Liev Schreiber's voice. We won a Telly for this piece.

Washington Capitals: 40 Years

For the Anniversary of 40 Years of NHL in the DMV I wrote this short form piece. I wanted to capture the feeling of sitting in the stands right before the lights go out and you see your hometown team skate out onto the ice. For over 40 years Capitals fans have seen their team battle, stars come and go, and the quest for the cup goes on, hoping each season brings them closer. [Voiceover: Chris Corley] Emmy Nominated and Telly Award Winning

Washington Capitals: 40 Years

Arena Open that I executive produced, from the early stages of story development to supervising final editing. Directed the on-ice shoot, including the design and execution of the lighting, choreographing players tracking around the camera, and filling the role of assistant camera for the Ronin. The shoot utilized a c300 on a Ronin. This piece was graphic intensive and took multiple passes to make sure that live action shots matched pre-viz storyboards. Song by Grammy-nominated singer Grace Potter.

Mascot Rocket Chair

What happens when you mix mascots, fire extinguishers and a mad scientist with a flair for the unexpected. This is a sketch I wrote and directed for a Capitals game at intermission. Everyone involved had a great time making this video, and it was fun to disrupt the HR meeting that was going on while we were shooting in the hallways. Shot on FS700 and A7's and GoPro